Traci Lindsten
4 min readApr 2, 2020


Raise your Hands ✋🤚

This pandemic, with all the negatives, might have some positive outcomes. Perception of what is positive, or negative is subjective. (a lot of ”tives” in that sentence.) Pondering the Universe at 2am, as aging is messing with my sleep schedule, a couple of things popped into the ol’ brain. Of course, I had to write about it.

The past five years have been a whirlwind and a Dud — at the same time. Lot of stirring up of …well…stuff. No net gains. Trump and his TV show presidency keep the media barking up the tree at the squirrel, like our favorite dog. Economy is good so humans are placated by the ability to spend money on …well…stuff. The world keeps plugging along, kind of ignoring the big stuff. Because apathy is rampant, the masses know their life is good and bad things will never happen…to them.

I’m struggling to get this concept out. Apologies. Stay with me, though.

I believe, no, I predict an acceleration event is about to happen. Faster than the technology boom of the last 100 years.

ac·cel·er·a·tion /akˌseləˈrāSH(ə)n/
• increase in the rate or speed of something.
• the rate of change of velocity per unit of time.

Based on my job and the fact that I travel globally and have to domicile in a different state every 3–5 years for my company, has perhaps skewed my perspective. Despite all the busy, shiny objects the masses encounter every day, there is little progress. Not a positive. Lots of talk. Lots of marches. Lots of idiots like me writing and ranting. Sure, there is action. No real net gains.

Where I think this pandemic makes a difference is how fast innovative things will roll out. It’s already started. We’re all seeing it. Some of us do more than just see, we think. We project. We hypothesize. We take it to another level. Kind of a commentary about my life, eh? Sad? Maybe. I choose to think of it as brain-nurturing.

Raise your hands. ✋🤚 How many of you like working from home? Be honest. Probably a lot of us. I have worked out of a home office for years now and couldn’t go back to 9–5. That said, I am busier than a one-armed paper hanger. My company gets more work out of me from the home office than I could ever produce in a corporate office setting. Old-style managers think in traditional terms about how work should be. They don’t get this new change and it’s going to be hard on them. They think if carbon units are not monitored regularly, they are goofing off. Not true, at least for me.

Raise your hands. ✋🤚 How many of you like not having to fight stores and grocery shopping? Often, most can only go when they are off work, which is when everyone else goes and thus the disdain for the checkout line is rooted. Don’t you love getting online at Kroger, where they track what you buy (okay, kind of scary I know) and have it ready for you to select automatically for delivery? Since I normally travel 45 weeks a year, this is a great service for my lifestyle. I book delivery around my flight arrival time and when I get home, my food is ready to put away. I can order enough for a weekend or until my next flight. Saves me time and money, with no wasted food in my fridge.

Raise your hands. ✋🤚 How many of you like not fighting traffic? Right now, I am domiciled in Columbus, Ohio. A city of a zillion highways (all with county #s) and 2 million people. I can sit on the off ramp of I-70 to get on 315 or 71 for a freaking hour and move 1 inch. Hate it! Don’t miss traffic jams.

Raise your hands. ✋🤚 How many of you think these perks will go back to the prior “normal” after the pandemic is done? I can’t really see your hands, but I am thinking there are less hands in the air. Am I right?

Raise your hands. ✋🤚 How many of you are afraid of what this means for you, your children or grandchildren? If everything is automated, are we relegated to becoming the carbon units that do delivery? Do we become the Bots? How many people do you know, being honest in your assessment, who can be the creator of what comes next for humanity when everything is done for us? Hell, I would not be smart enough. What does that mean for humanity?

NOTHING will be as it was. It will be the acceleration of what’s been lurking and lagging. The Haves versus the Have-nots.

Who survives in the new world? Anybody’s guess, but the acceleration will be like taking off in a rocket — negative G’s.

Are we ready? Too late, if not. This event is pushing the issues to the top of the paper stack. It’s happening, baby, whether you are ready or not.

The key ishow we handle it. As a nation. As a collective. The right person needs to be at the helm, to coordinate America and collaborate with other countries.

Do we dare let this happen with “The Tool” in charge? Raise your hands ✋🤚 — if your answer is NO! If it’s yes, just buy some pads and get on your knees right now.

Raise your hands. ✋🤚 How many of you think this event is also going to change the way we do politics and governing — maybe everything else? ✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚