Watching TV…

Okay. I watched the news again. Damn it. It’s like not being able to tear your eyes away from a bad accident. Times like these, I am glad I live alone. I literally screamed at the TV when The Tool came on for his daily Coronavirus briefing.

The immediate impulse I have when seeing him on the tube is to adjust the color settings. His makeup is so absurd, my brain cannot grasp that color on a carbon unit. I immediately self-perform biofeedback, to keep my hands from grabbing the remote and screwing up the color settings. Bad! Bad hands!

Then…his mouth opened. Pure venom came out. I started shouting into the air, into the Universe- WATCH OUT! Don’t let any of that get on you! It just kept coming and coming, like a volcanic eruption. “Governors that keep asking for things are Complainers. Medical frontline warriors are Hoarders or Thieves.” The ventilators that they are NOT sending out, don’t work anyway.

And still, there are people that think he is the Second Coming. Really? Can we just get an Amen?

Pence, the Panderer, is even starting to drift from The Tool’s message. He and Fauci did separate interviews today that mirrored each other. They compared our model to Italy. Wow, some semblance of the truth from the Tool’s administration. Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The media needs to just quit giving any more airtime, to anyone in this administration, unless they are going to announce the untimely death of the Tool, or the demise of the entire Republican base from the Coronavirus.

OBIT: The Tool died in his sleep, of a massive heart attack, after eating another fast food hamburger.

Then, let’s count the actual number of people that jump for joy in the streets and congregate on the Mall and if it’s not a large enough number, we won’t even lie about it. How about that, huh? I will be there. Dancing on his grave, in a red dress. I look good in red. It’s doable.

See? Harsh! I shouldn’t watch the Tool anymore.



Someone, who sometimes, has something to say.

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